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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Courant catalogues Rell's stumbles during the debate

Well, the people finally had a chance to see Governor Rell's battle plan.

1. Stay away from campaigning.

2. Ignore pointed questions.

3. Hand out earmarks and pork and do photo-os (on the state's dime) where you address bills that were passed months ago.

4. Hope that your high approval rating will get you re-elected.

Did you notice who she side-stepped questions regarding her not firing Lisa Moody, her questionable campaign contributions, the I-84 screw-up, etc?

How about the fact that she couldn't think of ONE THING she did wrong as governor. It was alomst as if she pulled that out of President Bush's playbook and when the Hartford Courant caught up with her, she stumbled again.
The final question of the night for each candidate was: What was your biggest mistake? Rell simply could not provide an answer.

"I don't see it," said Rell, who had a chance to think of her response while DeStefano was answering.
"Instead, I see the good things we've done over the past two years. ... If there is only one regret, it's that we can't do more."

DeStefano seemed surprised by Rell's response, saying, "The second answer that I hope I never make as long as I'm in politics - that I've never made a mistake."

After the debate, as Rell greeted supporters in the audience, a reporter asked about that response.

"I didn't say I made no mistakes. I said I didn't want to discuss ..." Rell's voice trailed off. When the reporter pressed the governor, she said she had to leave to find her husband, Lou.
Classic Rell. When caught in a jam, our governor clams up and just walks away.

To this date, Rell has repeatedly refused to attend forums with DeStefano, fought over the number of debates, and failed to answer a number of legitimate questions regarding her administration's actions (Lisa Moody), her questionable campaign contributions, and concerns over her pick for Leutenant Governor. Rell counters that she has a busy schedule although, as anyone would tell you, she's parking spot in Hartford is usually empty.
DeStefano has complained repeatedly that Rell has been avoiding him at forums and joint appearances in a "Rose Garden" strategy that consists largely of ribbon-cuttings and feel-good announcements in communities statewide that receive state money for local projects. Rell, though, has countered that she is busy in her full-time job as governor and has not been avoiding her rival intentionally.
The sad part is in the end, the voters will lose because we have a governor who seems to be pulling out all the tricks in ride herhigh approval numebrs to election day.

After what this state went through with John Rowland (and seeing that she was his second in command), shouldn't we demand that the governor address the public and fight for her job instead of her ignoring the media and public because of her high approval numbers.

UPDATEPlease go over to WTNH's website, vote in their online poll, and let them know who really won the debate. Remember, the debate came on a Monday night and wasn't viewed by a large segment of the public due to Monday Night Football. It's up to you guys to tell the real story so get to it.