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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Report on Rell's supporters after the debate

I've heard from at least seven people who were at the debate last night that the Rell supporters left the auditorium looking downright depressed. Who can blame them, their champion Jodi Rell took a nose dive during the second half of that debate and, like Joe Lieberman, will forever be linked to President Bush for saying that she can't think of one mistake she made as governor.

Here's one of many reports from those who were at the scene.
What I saw Monday night was an inspirational effort by DeStefano. Clearly, his best debate performance, he outclassed Rell, articulated more clearly his points and showed a solid grasp of the problems facing this state. You should of seen the look on Rell supporters' faces as they walked out of the theater to chants of "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Jodi Rell has got to go!" You would of thought they were 30 points down. I was worried they were going to start crying. It's obvious to anyone who watched this debate, that DeStefano is the better candidate. As I watched I could almost feel Rell's lead slipping away. DeStefano won this debate hands down and showed why he will be a great governor.
Again, this is just one of many reports I've read and received from last night. Although the Courant showed a glimpse of Rell falling apart when questioned about her claim that she made no mistakes, that's only part of the story.

Gov. Rell completely fell apart and showed be blessed that the overall mainstream media gave her somewhat of a pass on her awful preformance. Last night, DeStefano was able to expose Rell's weaknesses for everyone to see. Unfortunately, the debate was on a Monday night and if you only read the print media, you think she didn't do that bad. Since most of the print media failed to tell the true story, I guess it's up to People-Powered Media to set the record straight.