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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Senate debate thread

Well, it's finally on TV.

For those not in Connecticut, I'm get the video up ASAP.

7:10: Lieberman was cut off two times already.

7:20: Lieberman is upset about high oil and gas prices but he voted for the energy bill...oh my, Joe got his mic cut off. Schlesinger mocked Lieberman's energy proposal. Lamont brings up Cheney's energy bill and the fact that Lieberman signed the bill. Timothy Knibbs of the Concerned Citizens Party wants us to use more nuclear fuel (ah, what). Ralph Ferrucci of the Green Party talks about using alternate fuels.

7:30: Most overused line "along party lines." Joe was cut off again.

7:37: "I know you part of the flock, but it's just time for you to fly away" Alan Schlesinger comment to Joe Lieberman. Joe's mic was cut off again.

7:41: Schlesinger goes after Lieberman on Social Security. Lieberman says that he was never for Social Security (lie). Lamont ask for change in the way things are done in Washington. The Concerned Citizens candidate is wasting the people's time. Green Party candidate isn't that bad.

7:51: Green Party candidate (Ferrucci) gave a good closing speech. Lieberman: "across party lines, across party lines, across party lines"

7:56: Ned Lamont ended on a strong note. Man, Joe bombed. Ferrucci was impressive. Schlesinger is funny.

Okay, it's over. Working on the video now.