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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Newtown Dems call Lieberman presence an "embarrassment" if he attended Labor Day parade

Attaboy Newtown Dems!
Democrats in Newtown have made it Lie clear to Joe Lieberman that it would be an "embarrassment" to have him march with them in the town's Labor Day Parade Monday.

"He's running as an independent, let him march as an independent," said Newtown's First Selectman Herb Rosenthal, a Democrat who gave Lieberman's office the word that he would not be welcomed marching with the other Democrats.

An invitation had gone out to Lieberman to march with the Democrats in error and it fell on Rosenthal's shoulders to call the senator and tell him he wasn't welcomed.

"I let him know that he would not be welcome to march with me," Rosenthal said. "He wouldn't be coming because he is a U.S. Senator. He'd be coming because he's a candidate."

Rosenthal said Lieberman has been invited to march every year for the last nine years and only came one time over those years and that was before 2000.


Ned Lamont, the Democratic Party's nominated candidate, will be marching in the parade.

(hat tip to 3BK for alerting me to the article. It's rare when you actually find news in the Danbury News-Times).