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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gov. Rell blinks

Seems like the public pressure surrounding Gov. Rell's refusal to debate John DeStefano one on one has made her have a change of heart.
Shifting from her previous stance, Gov. M. Jodi Rell said Wednesday that "everything is on the table" regarding a possible one-on-one debate with her main challenger, Democrat John DeStefano Jr.

Since negotiations began with an exchange of letters in August, Rell's campaign had repeatedly insisted on a four-way debate that would include DeStefano and two minor-party candidates who have qualified for the Nov. 7 ballot.

With the issue of debate formats heating up this week, Rell softened her position Wednesday, allowing that a one-on-one debate with DeStefano would be possible.

"Everything is on the table as far as what kind of debates, who would be included, how many," Rell said outside her office at the state Capitol. "I'm not ruling out anything."

Rell spoke only minutes after DeStefano's running mate, lieutenant-governor candidate Mary Glassman, held a news conference outside the Capitol to denounce Rell's stance.

"It's cheating the voters by not allowing a one-on-one debate," Glassman said. "Why is the governor - who is popular, who is ahead in the polls - refusing to debate one on one? She doesn't want to debate."

Glassman's news conference came one day after DeStefano said Rell was avoiding a forum in which the two main candidates could discuss the most important issues facing the state. DeStefano's campaign has said Rell is not only avoiding debates but failing to show up at events where both candidates have been asked to speak, including recent ones in Berlin and Hartford.

Good for team DeStefano to lash out against John Rowland's number two in command.

Gov. Rell's arrogance has finally come back to haunt her. This Republican is cheating the public with her refusal to attend any forums, answer any of the numerous troubling questions regarding her administration, and dismissing the Democratic nominee by refusing to DeStefano one on one.

After the era of Rowland, the voters should expect that the candidates would answer any and all questions from the public. It's outrageous for the governor to think that she can just look at her approval rating and thik she can avoid campaigning and cruise to victory in November.

Rell's refusal to campaign or answer any questions is an insult to all voters in Connecticut.