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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The adventures of DANGERstein: the Rev. Al Sharpton edition

Oh snap...busted again.

Seems like our Lieberman's incredibly idiotic hitman spokesman Dan Gerstein (DANGERstein) was caught lying yet again but unlike previous times, Lieberman's mouthpiece tells two lies at once!

The poor guy, I guess he just can't help himself.

Now before we goof on our favorite member of team Joementum and break down this stunning "Double Whopper with Cheese" of a lie, a little history lesson is required.

Lets flashback to a week before primary day when Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson came to Connecticut to support Ned Lamont. Now, several times Sharpton stated that Joe Lieberman called him and asked him not to support Ned Lamont and jump on the Joementum bandwagon. Now, although I'm sure someone has this on video (and I know I hear him say this) here's Sharpton's quote from the AP:
"Sharpton said Lieberman called him over the weekend to ask for his endorsement, but Sharpton told him he disagrees with him on too many issues."

Now, lets skip to primary night when Sharpton and Jackson both accompanied Lamont on stage during his victory speech. Team Joementum (still feeling the effects from the ass-kicking they received) decided to attack Sharpton, Jackson, as well as Rep. Maxine Waters.

Here's the NY Times piece which includes DANGstein's remarks
Lieberman aides said that Mr. Lamont's association with Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson - both of whom campaigned vigorously for Mr. Lamont - was a political albatross that helped explain why Mr. Lieberman believed he could win over a majority of voters.

"Primary night was the first time that many Connecticut voters saw Lamont on TV, and he's surrounding himself with two of the more divisive and problematic figures in the Democratic Party," said Dan Gerstein, a veteran Lieberman aide who was appointed communications director for the campaign last week.
Well, that statement didn't sit too well with Sharpton as he repeated that Lieberman called him and asked him not to campaign for Lamont and support him instead.

Now, this is where things get really good.

Remember that GQ article Ken Cain wrote about spending quality time with the dishonest Lieberman campaign during the primary? Well, Cain was on Colin McEnroe's show talking about his latest article when good ol' DANGERstein calls up and lashes out against Cain calling him a liar (dumb move) and accuses Shaprton of lying about ever having a conversation with Lieberman prior to the primary (very dumb move). Listen to the mp3 clip.

Now, you know it was going to be a matter of time until DANGERstein's words catch up with and in this case, it only took about 12 hours (give or take).

Today, Jennifer Medina calls out DANGERstein on his obvious lie. Read as this pathetic nutcase reminds us just how dishonest the Lieberman camp really is when it comes to telling the truth.
Mr. Sharpton has grown increasingly upset with that characterization, saying that Mr. Lieberman called personally before the primary and asked him not to back Mr. Lamont. After Mr. Gerstein told a local radio show yesterday that Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Lieberman never spoke, the reverend was even more agitated. "The timing of these denials is interesting," he said this afternoon. "And the tone of the comments they are making is really beneath them and I don't think it is good for American politics."

Mr. Lieberman said this afternoon that he did, in fact, speak to Mr. Sharpton briefly. He also said the two had been on friendly terms since running against each other for president in 2004. "We had a relationship, we disagreed on issues, but I thought we had a pretty good relationship, if I didn't, I wouldn't have called," Mr. Lieberman said.

Mr. Gerstein told us that he apologized if he was not clear during the radio interview.
Oh, he was crystal clear during the interview. Listen again. DANGERstein gets caught in a lie and tries to cover it up by a TELLING ANOTHER LIE.

You can't make this type of stupidity up folks...