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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

While Rell tries to run out the clock, questions remain unanswered

The Hartford Courant has a piece that talks about Gov. Rell's efforts to avoid John DeStefano at all costs.

Up 32 points in the most prominent poll, Gov. M. Jodi Rell is like a quarterback holding a fourth-quarter lead: She is trying to run out the clock, hoping she'll still be ahead when the game ends on Election Day.


Beyond the debates, DeStefano's campaign is charging that Rell is avoiding DeStefano in person and turning down invitations in which the two candidates could appear jointly. Rell did not attend a forum at the Northeast Utilities corporate headquarters two weeks ago for the quarterly release of The Connecticut Economy, an economic report published by the University of Connecticut. Instead, Rell's running mate, former state Rep. Michael Fedele, attended and delivered a speech after DeStefano made his remarks. Neither Rell nor Fedele attended a conference on disabilities on Saturday at the Connecticut Expo Center in Hartford, where DeStefano delivered a speech. The paucity of Rell appearances and the delays in setting debate rules have developed into a pattern, DeStefano says.

Should someone like Rell, who once was second in command during the Rowland administration, be required to answer the following questions regarding herself and the tactics used by of certain members of her administration.

* What was her association with former Gov. John Rowland during his scandal.

* What is Lisa Moody's status of Cheif of staff. (and why isn't Moody fired).

* What did she know during the nomination of  Peter T. Zarella.

* What issues  would she address if re-elected.

* Explain whether or not she broke her pledge  to not accept any money from state contractors (although Rell stated that she would explain herself, there has been no comment from her campaign regarding this distrubing matter to date).

* Explain why  she is paying contractors that "were identified back in 2004 as being involved in various state government corruption scandals."

Aren't these legitimate questions and doesn't the public deserve answers?

After everything the voters of Connecticut have been through, it's unfair for the governor to simply look at approval rating and feel that she doesn't have to expalin herself to the public. John Roland former chief of staff explains Rell's playbook.

"Frankly, Gov. Rowland wanted to debate his opponents because he felt he would do better than his opponents," Pagani said Tuesday. "The polls are so lopsided in favor of Gov. Rell that to use a third-party candidate as a foil shows that the Rell campaign is being overly cautious.
Now, is this fair? After everything this state has gone through, should someone who was second in command during the Rowland administration be allowed to avoid campaigning?

There are simply too many questions that have gone unanswered by the Rell administration and is she's allowed to simply run out the clock...we all lose.

What do you think?

Is it fair for Gov. Rell to avoid campaigning or answering questions
Yes, she's the governor and she has a high approval rating.
No, she's not serving the public by avoiding campaigning or dodging questions.
I don't know
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