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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Get tough Joe?

If the headline doesn't show you the obvious, the opening paragragh tells the true story about George Bush's favorite de facto Republican Democrat.
A day after saying in a major campaign speech that "we must get tougher with the Iraqi political leadership," Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman met Tuesday with Iraq's president and had a pleasant conversation that ended with the two men agreeing progress is being made.


Asked if he followed through on Monday's "get tough" message, Lieberman said, "This is a question of allies working together. With a friend, you don't essentially put a gun to their head."
This comes from a senator who ignored hasn't read the NIE report.

I love this quote from Lieberman. He deserves another kiss from his best friend.

As he did Monday, he again Tuesday criticized Democratic nominee Ned Lamont for supporting specific timelines for withdrawing U.S. troops.

At the Capitol, though, Lieberman would not specifically define what he meant by rejecting an open-ended commitment, saying his own goal "is not as neat as a deadline but a deadline is a deadly and disastrous alternative."

He said the U.S. could pull back "as soon as Iraqis are able to control their security and control their destiny" and that he had heard "an encouraging, progressive report by President Talabani, an honest report."
With more suicide attacks than at any other period, Lieberman refuses to see the writing on the wall.

Is this the type of senator you want representing you in Washington?