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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Help me catch Joe Lieberman's lies (again)

Oh man, Lieberman outdid himself yesterday!

George Bush's favorite Democrat told so many lies and falsehoods about Lamont and his views on the war during his speech that I had a hard time keeping track of the garbage coming out of his mouth.

So BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, I bring you another dose of "Wait wait, don't lie to me: the Joe Lieberman edition."

Most of you know the drill but for you newbies, here's the deal.

We all know that Joe Lieberman is running a dishonest camaign and is will say anything to keep his senate seat.  Unfortunately, there are some voters who take Joe at his word (Sean Smith called them "low information voters) so it's our duty to expose Joe for who he truly is...a Republican.

Here's the rules:

1. Watch Joe do his thing in the video clip (I'm sorry).

2. For every dishonest lie, a misleading statement, and/or distortion of the record you come across, document it in the comment section. Remember, you have to say whether it's a miselading statement, distortion of the record or just an outright lie.

3. Use articles, statements, videoclips to prove that Joe wasn't telling the turth. Remember, providing a video clip is ALWAYS a bonus.


Joe stated that Ned Lamont wants the troops out by July 2007.

MISLEADING: Joe's trying to give the impression that Ned Lamont wants the troops out by July 2007.

TRUTH: Ned Lamont stated that he wants the troops out 12 months after the Kery-Feingold proposal goes into effect. He also stated that he agreed with another proposal which did not give a definate date. According to Lamont, the important thing is to change the course of action in Iraq and give a clear sign to the Iraqis that the U.S. will not be there forever.

BONUS: (CTBob's video clip of Lamont stating this several times to reporters at Naples Pizza yesterday).

Okay, get to it guys!