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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Liberman hasn't read the NIE report yet wants to send more troops?

Okay, this is nuts.

Senator Liberman stated that he hasn't read the National Intelligence Estimate report that was leaked to the press and clearly states that the war in Iraq has NOT MADE THE U.S. safer (in fact, the overall terror threat has grown and not diminished due in large part because of the war). Yet not only does he still stubbornly think the war is the right thing, he's calling on MORE TROOPS to be sent.
But Mr. Lieberman used the news of the intelligence report, which he said he had not read, to argue that a deadline for withdrawal would make the threat of terror "exponentially worse" and give a battle plan to factional militias, insurgents, terrorists, Syria and Iran.

Using his harshest language to date to attack Mr. Lamont, Mr. Lieberman called his opponent's stance "a slippery, deadly slope every step of the way."

He's kidding right?