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Friday, September 15, 2006

Exploiting 9-11

(I orignally posted this entry on My Left Nutmeg)

This is how you fight back against the Republican "fear machine"

Note to the Democratic Congressional candidates: enough is enough. The public has had it with the Republicans using the horrible events of 9/11 to either 1) try to justify the war in Iraq and/or 2.) scare the voters into believing that the Democrats are "soft on terrorism."

I'll make this rant brief.

Chris Shays, Rob Simmons and the horrible Nancy Johnson walked lock and step with President Bush for the last six years. They should be held just as responsible as President Bush for this outrageous war because they supported it every step of the way. These same politicans turned a blind eye to a host of illegal actions from this administration ranging from the events at Abu ghraib and the illegal wiretapping of American citizens, to a host of corruption scandals (Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay, Bob Ney) and the religious right running out of control (Terri Schiavo).

Every poll has clearly shown that the public wants a change and the only card these Republcians have felt is the "fear card" and after viewing Nancy Johnson's latest ad, we know they these Republicans will go to any means to get re-elected.

Simply put, it's time to rip off the gloves and not let these shameless politicans use the tragic events of 9-11 for their political advantage.

The public deserves better and it's time for the Democrats to lead the way to a better tomorrow.

Remember, Democrats in the majority=SUBPOENA POWER.

UPDATE: Oh my! I forgot to add Joe Lieberman's name the list of cheerleadring Republicans. I must be tired...

A Democratic vote is a vote for change.