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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The stupidity of Alan Schlesinger: the "no one loves me" edition

Alan Gold Schlesinger just doesn't know when to quit. Seems like our favorite blackjack player is in D.C. crying like a baby about the GOP throwing him under a bus. The former mayor of the beautiful town of Derby went back on Hardball to make his case (I'm surprised Matthews could hold a straight face).

Watch in amazement.

Oh, it's gets better. Seems like Mr. Gold also paid a visit to Young Turks and really let his frustrations out.

Ah, I can hear him now...

Whaa. no body likes me, whaa, the GOP is lying about me, whaa!!!

Look dummy, you have no one to blame but yourself.

No one forced you to lose over 10,000 gambling.

No one forced you to get kicked out of casinos for counting cards.

No one forced you to use a fake name on a casino card.

Trust me, the list of stupid things this guy has done is over a mile long YET he thinks he should stay in the face (although he's polling worse among Republicans than NED LAMONT).

I don't know who's dumber, Schlesinger for running in the first place or the GOP for nominating this moron.