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Friday, August 11, 2006

People speak out on Lieberman

Here's what people are saying across the state about Millionaire Joe Lieberman.
Stamford Advocate
Watching the election results Tuesday night, two things were very apparent:

Mayor Dan Malloy is a class individual. After a hard-fought, sometimes bitter campaign, Mayor Malloy was absolutely gracious in defeat. It had to be the hardest thing for him to do after more than two years of hard work and trying times to go before the cameras and the media, congratulate his opponent and offer his help in his battle against Gov. M. Jodi Rell.

Malloy is a class act.

On the other hand, U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman showed little statesmanship by announcing he will run as an independent against primary winner Ned Lamont.

The Democrats in the state have said "no" to Joe. Obviously, Joe does not care what his party rank-and-file want, as he is not giving up his position.

His campaign also showed little regard to certain city ordinances, as "Vote Joe" lawn signs were illegally placed on just about every piece of city property throughout Stamford. I have never seen such a total disregard for rules and regulations. The senator and his people should be embarrassed and ashamed.

I, for one, will be voting for Lamont, and I look forward to seeing him raise his arms in victory on Nov. 7.
Wait, there's more...
As a Stamford voter, I am very angered by Joe Lieberman's refusal to accept defeat (Advocate news story, Aug. 9).

If he had no respect for the Democratic primary, why did he run in the first place?

This is not "Connecticut for Lieberman," it's more like "Lieberman for Lieberman."

Do they still make those "Sore Loserman" bumper stickers?

Here's what people are saying in New London
Sen. Joseph Lieberman needs to start acting like an adult instead of a 5-year old petulant child. For the second time he is asking the voters of Connecticut to change the rules just so that he may keep his job.

First we were asked to put him on our ballots twice in 2000, a disrespectful and disgusting display of egotism. Now the voters are asked to "Vote for Joe" as he makes his own political party.

Yes, Sen. Lieberman, we noticed the lack of political party on your signs.

The Democratic voters have stated that we no longer require or desire his form of leadership. He patronizes us by stating he is doing this for the good of Connecticut and the party, instead of being a gracious loser like Dan Malloy. Sen. Lieberman, your ploy to keep your job is good for no one but you.

I respectfully request that we, as Connecticut residents, vote Republican or Democrat, as our choice may be. As adults it is our duty to ignore this temper tantrum from someone who does not know how to lose. After all, that is how children no matter what their, age learn what acceptable behavior is and what is not.

Here's another
Joe Lieberman just doesn’t get it. He doesn't understand how smug and self-righteous he is. He doesn’t seem to realize how poor his constituent services have been, probably because he and his staff have been concentrating on making him a national figure.

Finally, his self-importance is epitomized by his running under the "Connecticut for Lieberman" designation. Do we need further evidence as to why Connecticut (and Washington) needs a fresh face, not a sore loser?
And another...
First let me say, this election has restored my faith in the democratic process.

After watching the presidential election stolen outright - twice - then watching the man who did the stealing grab my favorite Republican (Democratic Sen, Joe Lieberman) with both hands and kiss him like he had just received one of his kidneys, I was certain that whatever it took to commandeer this election - be it having the dead appear on the voter registration lists and then vote; have faulty voting machines that would secretly cast your ballot for the opposing candidate or just some updated version of the hanging chad - I was positive it would be done.

Yet somehow the people's voice was heard, except by Sen. Lieberman, whose refusal to display any integrity at all by bowing out gracefully only shows his contempt for the people he claims to serve.

Say it ain't so, Joe. Respect the will of the people of the state of Connecticut.

Don't go away mad, just go away.
What's this...another one.
I'm writing to express my disappointment in Sen. Joseph Lieberman's decision to press forward with his bid for re-election, and to urge him to reconsider. Sen. Lieberman has said he wishes to give a wider pool of Connecticut voters the chance to vote for him.

Is he implying that our traditional nominating process is unfair? The Republicans have chosen their nominee. The Democrats have chosen theirs. Thousands of previously unaffiliated voters joined the Democratic Party in order to make their voices heard.

I believe Sen. Lieberman is sincere when he says he believes he is a better candidate than Ned Lamont. However, the people of Connecticut have told him they disagree. History will remember Sen. Lieberman more kindly if he respects their decision.
The hits keep coming.
In his concession speech Tuesday night, Sen. Joe Lieberman claimed the status of "independent Democrat." The truth is that he is neither. Joe Lieberman is really an embarrassed Republican, and he will be running as such for the U.S. Senate this November.

He cannot bring himself to accept the label of Republican because in his mind he believes himself a populist - a man of the people. Again he is mistaken. He does not really represent "the people" and he obviously does represent Democrats in Connecticut. What he cares about most is himself and staying in the power halls of Congress. This he has demonstrated by always positioning himself politically in ways that would allow him to keep his seat in the Senate. He did this when running as a candidate for vice president, and he is doing it again now with this "independent Democrat" demagoguery. This is not indicative of a man of the people; this is symptomatic of a megalomaniac.

If Republicans in this state would like such a man to represent them in Washington DC, they are welcome to support him. I think that for Joe Lieberman this is a shameful way to end a successful career. He should either accept the popular decision of his party, or become a bona fide Republican. The integrity of the party is more important than one person.

Ned Lamont won fair and square, and whatever his shortcomings, he is more than qualified to represent Connecticut in the Senate. Joe Lieberman had his tenure, and a successful one, but it is time to move on.

Okay, I'm stopping with this one, my hand hurts.
Sen. Joseph Lieberman lost the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont in a fair election. Sen. Lieberman was ungracious in defeat and, in his concession speech, said he would go ahead with his plan to run as an independent and would serve as an "independent Democrat."

Independent candidacies are meant for those who are not aligned with either of the major parties - those who wish to offer an alternative to both. They are not meant for the candidate who cannot make it in his own party. It may be legal for Sen. Lieberman to run as an independent, but is it ethical?

We have voted for Sen. Lieberman in the past, but will not vote for him in 2006.

If you like to leave a message for Joe Lieberman and have it posted on this blog, please email me at ctblogger@yahoo.com (type message for Joe in the subject line). ConnecticutBLOG will have a new section just for messages to Joe. Hopefully, he'll get the point and stop his indy bid for the good of the Congressional Democratic candidates and John DeStefano who are running in the general election in November.

Remember, a vote for Joe is a vote against the Democratic Party.