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Friday, August 11, 2006

Ed Koch: newest Liebercrat

Look who Joe is grabbing out of the nursing home to help him with his campaign. No other then Mr. government corruption New York himself.
"There's no blood oath binding him not to run as an independent," Edward Koch told NewsMax.

Like President Bush, Joe Lieberman understands that we are involved in "a war between civilizations" in which the enemy, Islamic fascists, wants to kill us, Koch said.

Koch is no stranger to bolting from his party's choices. In 2004 Koch backed George Bush over his party nominee, John Kerry.


"I believe that the most important issue facing the world is international terrorism, and it is my current intention to vote for George W. Bush for re-election."
Good grief. Is this the best Joe "Mr. irrelevant" Lieberman can find nowadays? This fossil is so out of touch with reality, he couldn't win an election for dog-catcher let alone run a city. Koch should stick to something he's actually good at like making those cheesy "I Love NY" tourism commercials and leave politics to those who don't have a disgraced background and don't wear diapers.

Remember why he lost to Dinkins?