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Friday, August 25, 2006

Lieberman unhinged: challenges Lamont to Katrina debate

Oh man, Joe is back on the bong.
Independent U.S. Senate candidate Joe Lieberman, locked in a close re-election fight after losing the Democratic primary to an anti-war candidate, challenged Democrat Ned Lamont to a debate Friday over the government's response to Hurricane Katrina.

Lieberman, at a campaign stop to tout his role in securing federal transportation dollars, accused Lamont of distorting his record as the one-year anniversary of Katrina approached.

"Any time Ned Lamont wants to debate me about what each of us did with regard to Katrina, I'm ready for the debate," Lieberman said.
Is he kidding. Lieberman hands are all over the nomination of Michael Brown and the screwing up of FEMA.

Has he lost it?

UPDATE: You awsome readers bring up an interesting point. How can there be a debate unless Alan Gold Schlesinger is invited also. Although Lieberman is the de facto Republican candidate, Schlesinger was endorsed by the state GOP so he is entitled to be part of the debate panel.

Maybe Joe's not hittig the bong afterall. What better way to marginalize Schlesinger by not challenging him to any debate and only call Ned out to a debate.

Hmm, I think it's time for a poll! I want to hear from you.

Should Lamont accept Joe's offer to a debate on Katrina?
Yes, take him on one to one
No, only debate him if Alan Schlesinger is on the debate panel
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