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Friday, August 04, 2006

FLASHBACK VIDEO: John Olsen rocks the crowd?

Let's see how good your memory is right now.

Remember that anti-war rally held back in March 2006 in Hartford?

You remember, it was the largest rally held at the Old State House and the event ended right in front of Joe Lieberman's office.

Remember how the people (in the freezing cold) placed coffins in front of his building people read letters of disappointment in Joe Lieberman’s unwavering support for the war?

It's coming back to you now...ah, good.

Well, try this on for size. Out of all the people who were present at the rally, can you pick the only supporter of Joe Lieberman in the following pictures?

Did you say the man in the last picture? DING, you're right, it’s AFL-CIO President and outspoken critic of Ned Lamont, John Olsen.

In honor of Olsen's glowing endorsement of Millionaire Joe Lieberman, I present you this flashback video of his emotional speech at the rally.

Ironic, don't you think?

UPDATE: Wow, didn't know so many of you loved the photos. If you want to see all the images from the anti-war rally, you can view them here.