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Friday, August 04, 2006

A brief word

I'll be real brief and then I'm moving on.

Jesse Jackson told us to focus and trust me, I'm trying my best but what happened yesterday was way over the line. I noticed a writer on another blog didn't notice any coverage of the event in the press. I felt that it was important to show him that this story did make it to the front page one major newspaper in the area. Other press were there and I'm sure more stories of what happened will surface as things really did get ugly.

Here's a screenshot of the paper.

Here's a high-res pdf version of the front page

You can read the story (Ambush at Ted's) by clicking here (paid sub).

It's sad that after all this time, the Lieberman campaign decided to turn things this ugly but I'm moving on because this is not important. What's important is that we get out the vote and make sure those people who would vote for a change make it to the polls on Tuesday.

Children will be children and it seems like some people need a time out but again, lets not lose focus. Please go to Lamont's website and give some of your time this weekend.

Moving forward, staying focused.