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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Meanwhile in land of Lieberman...

things are not so good.
Sen. Joseph Lieberman's (D-CT) Tour for Tomorrow continues to be punctuate with today's struggles to save his troubled campaign. In the aftermath of a Quinnipiac poll this morning showing the three term Democrat far behind behind challenger Ned Lamont in Tuesday's primary, Lieberman must decide how or if to salvage his get-out-the-vote operation.

Word is leaking out of the campaign that efforts to hire and organize several thousand itinerant campaign workers have fallen far short of expectations and necessity. Lieberman and his battered brain trust will now have to decide whether to continue investing funds in that effort or save money for November. These primary troubles are a preview of what he can expect in his new life as an independent should he lose on Tuesday. Much of his weak campaign organization will dutifully head to the triumphant Democratic nominee or simply sit out the race.

Party professionals are appalled at the parlous state of Lieberman's campaign organization. And that's something it takes more than a few weeks to build. The invoice for neglecting Connecticut Democrats for the past six years is now due. It's a ruinous sum for George Bush’s favorite Senate Democrat.
No time to smile right now. Save the champaign for Tuesday night when the results are final and until then, consider this a close race.

Remember, stay focus. Get involved and voulenteer your time this weekend!