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Friday, July 07, 2006

Debate fallout

Well, it's the day after and based on the feedback, one thing is clear...Joe Lieberman is in a lot of trouble.

Pundit after pundit are coming to the same conclusion, Joe Lieberman acted like an arrogant jackass who didn't look like he wanted to be in the studio and seemed angry that he's being challenged for "his" senate seat.

All the local blogs and online media covered the event and I encourage you to check them all out.

Paul Bass was at the Channel 30 studios and did a great article on the post-debate spinning.
Spazeboy has all the local television news footage.
Lamontblog gives a detail account of the big showdown.
MyLeftnutmeg offers some great commentary.
Connecticut Local Politcs offers a decent analysis on the debate and gives the win to Lamont.
CTBlue slams DINOBoy.

AND of course, check out Ned Lamont's official blog for Tim has ever angle on the debate covered.

You can check out the national blogs who are paying us a visit and check out their opinions as well:
Jane at Firedoglake shows how live blogging is done
Matt at MyDD also gives us his usual A+ analysis.

Make sure you check out my interview with Lamont treauer John Hartwell as he hit it on the nail regarding Joe Lieberman's awful situation. In a nutshell, Joe is screwed.

Also, make sure you vote in the online poll on the right hand of this blog...the results will be posted later.

UPDATE: while you're at it, go over to the Hartford Courant and participate in thir poll also.