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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Comments from viewers

From Channel 30's website
On Moderating...
"Every time Senator Lieberman chose to interrupt the debate and shout over Mr. Lamont, I was reminded what the real problem is... the Senator refuses to listen to Democrats, to our questions, to our answers, and our advice." katgw

"(Senator Lieberman) seemed overly defensive (almost scared), was somewhat "disrespectful" in continuing to talk through the rebuttals and not let Ned speak (not the word I really want, but close enough), and appeared to just be a grumpy old man. Maybe we don't fully know Lamont after this debate, but I sure learned a lot of Lieberman. And I don't think I like it." easelmmc

"Where in the world was the moderator for heaven's sake! That rude Joe Lieberman interrupted several times, almost every time it seemed, yet the moderator said nothing! Shame!" dsmithers

"I am disappointed in the moderation of this debate; Lieberman was rudely interrupting and the moderator allowed it. I am very familiar with Lieberman's schtick and the just continued to be his Democrat in name only (DINO) self. It was refreshing to hear some progressive Democrat values discussed by Lamont rather than the same old thing by Lieberman. Ned will do a great job with a new Senate and will represent Democratic CT well." Zennurse, patriot for ned

"How fitting that whiney Joe always had the get the last word, not a surprise. What IS a surprise is that NBC allowed Lieberman 1 and 1/2 rebuttals extra beyond what Ned was given. How many times does the guy get to interrupt and how many double follow-ups does he get before you decide to actually take control of the debate you're supposed to be moderating??" edwardsa

On Joe...

"I've been oppoesed to Bush's favorite Democrat since before Ned Lamont came on the scene. So it should be no suprise I would think Lamont won. What did suprise me was Lieberman's negative, attack approach towards Lamont. (On that note, if Lieberman thinks Lamont is such a Republican, why does he think Lamont contributed to Lieberman's campaigns in the past? C'mon Joe.... Show even a little integrity....)"
Mike Rosenberg Glastonbury, CT

"Lieberman is yesterday's news. Looks like he'll get that opportunity to make the private sector money that Cheney promised him back in '99. Ned's going to beat him like a rag doll in the election." El_Trutho

About Ned...

"I thought that Ned came across like a real person while Joe seemed liked the entitled DC Aristocrat. Joe's bullying tactics only fortified the opinion I had before watching the debate." EnricoM

"I thought Lamont did a fine job. Lieberman looked tired, cocky and rude. Lamont was interrupted many times throughout the debate, and usually so Lieberman could repeat himself. It wasn't pretty. Lamont kept it real." RobinMarie