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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Listen to Lieberman's desperate robo call featuring President Clinton

Sad. Real sad.

Poor Joe had to cut and paste Clinton's speech from Waterbury for his robo call. I think it speaks volumes when a senator is too afraid to stand on his own two feet and present himself to the voters.

Funny how no one hears one word from Lieberman in the Clinton robo call huh?

Where's your message Joe? The voters in Connecticut are still waiting to hear from you. Are you planning on scrapping your fake, staged photo-ops and talking to real people any time soon or are you still afraid of those pesky bloggers who don't play fair by actually asking you questions?

I mean really, Joe's riding Clinton's shoulders after he basically spat in his face during the Lewinsky scandal. I guess George Bush's favorite Democrat is praying that people confuse Bill for him and think that Clinton is going up against Lamont in the primary.

Pitiful, desperate, pathetic, out-of-touch politician.

So let's recap:

1. Joe Lieberman spread negative ads against Lamont (that bear ad really work out).

2. Joe Lieberman paid for push-polling and based on the data he collected, attacked Ned Lamont over his finances (I guess Joe forgot he had stock in Halliburton and forgot about what his wife does for a living).

3. Joe decides to run as an indy (bad move as all he did was piss off a good portion of his supporters who are TRUE Democrats).

4. Tried to persuade African-Americans that he actually cares about their concerns and promised "earmarked" money to fight urban violence (opps, I was raised in the North-End and Joe was NEVER there when we needed him the most. Now he thinks he can just sweet-talk people with money...ah, I don't think so).

5. When Mr. DINO checked his internal polling data that showed his approval numbers were taking a nosedive, he corners Hilary Clinton and basically begs like a toddler for help from Bill. Oh man, I wish I could have been there to see the smile on Senator Clinton's face. I'm sure she and Bill are still laughing their asses off over Lieberman's plea. Oh, the karma!

How much do you want to bet Clinton did this under some type of condition? Can someone in the media call Clinton's office in Harlem and find out if there were any conditions to him stumping for Joe (like telling Joe to abandon his indy bid if he loses the primary).

Come on, do you think Bill would just show up for Joe and get nothing in return?

Note to Lieberman: The people came out to see Clinton, not listen to you. I'm sure you noticed how the audience applause level decreased when you took the podium. I know I noticed.

Anyway, for your listening pleasure (mp3). Enjoy.

MAJOR HAT TIP to a faithful reader. I owe you big time.

UPDATE: Oh, oh! There he goes again!

CTBob adds a little video to Joe's robo call...I don't think Mr. DINO is going to like this. Be sure to thank Bob for everything he's doing.