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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lieberman afraid of bloggers?

Oh good grief, if this is true, then Lieberman is in full paranoid mode.

Here's the simple story from a simple man.
Today in Pomfret, several candidates met with local Democrats. I came at the invitation of Swordsmith, another local Democrat, to this meet and greet in a part of the state I don't usually visit. The reason I went was to see how Joe Lieberman reacted to voters in a non-diner setting and how he might have changed from the JJB dinner several years ago where I first met the Senator.

Back then he was cheerful and easy going, laughing off his second defeat in national politics like it had happened to someone else. In 2000, Joe Lieberman could have traveled the country to most anywhere in the United States and have been cheered; but tonight he was too afraid to travel to a small town in his own state to make his case for renomination to a group of Democratic voters all because word leaked to the "wrong people" (us) that he would be visiting Pomfret.

That's right, Lieberman canceled at the last moment because he thought BLOGGERS might have showed up and started asking QUESTIONS. While I make it a policy never to harrass candidates no matter how obnoxious they might be, I saw too many Lamont buttons and stickers at the event to guess that Lieberman would have been received cooly at best if he had had the guts to show up.
Good grief. Joe Lieberman is now afraid of BLOGGERS who ask questions? How pathetic but I'll bet my soul this will be the new line of attack from the Lieberman campaign and if yesterday was any indication, the mainstream media will jump on the bandwagon soon enough.

We're ambushing him with our cameras and our questions? Maybe if the mainstream media did their job, we wouldn't need to be on the frontlines asking the real questions that really matters to people. Instead, we get reporters like WTNH's "chief political reporter" Mark Davis who drinks the Lieberman Kool-Aid over Lamont's finances and lodges softball questions to Lieberman so he can mislead the public (to Joe's pleasure). Let's run the transcript again.
LIEBERMAN: From the limited disclosure he had under the 'Senate ethics' that he has stock in 'Halliburton,' and he has stock in, more stock in some of the big oil companies. That's something for everybody to judge.

MARK DAVIS: That would be a crime?

LIEBERMAN: Oh no, this is just public right to know. None of this is about illegality. I think when you get into public office you've got an obligation to disclose all your financial holdings.

These are the questions Lieberman wants and Davis was more than happy to deliver while being so lazy at his job that it took a blogger to expose the fact that Lieberman has holdings in Haliburton also.

I guess if we asked Lieberman about his holdings, he would say we're ambushing him while having no problem using Mark Davis as a tool.

How about the reporters who didn't question Barbara Boxer as she supports a senator who says that a women (who was raped) could easily walk from a Catholic hospital to another hospital and take the Plan B pill. I guess CTBob ambushed her and Lieberman also.

Okay, let's run the tape again.
Some ambush huh. Boxer being asked a question from someone who isn't tied down by the power of corporate media (again, why did it take a blogger to ask the question that was on everyone's mind).

Imagine if bloggers were able to do what we do now back during the 2004 election and were able to ask the swift-boaters real questions about their charges against Kerry? Instead, we got those biased talking heads repeating the fake charges about Kerry again and again until the lie became the truth.

In short, long live People Powered Media (PPM). If we're considered "protestors" and people who "ambush" people, God help us all.

UPDATE: If you really want to put fear in Joe's heart, sign up for Ned Lamont's family, friends, and neighbors program!