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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

Oh Marion, why do you say such silly things.

We've now spoken with Marion Steinfels, Lieberman's campaign spokeswoman. She tells us that although Spazeboy had a ticket (which was apparently given to him by someone else), his name wasn't on the list, and no one whose name wasn't on the list was admitted -- ticket or no ticket. "You had to have your name on the list, for security reasons," she told us. "Every ticket had a number and the name corresponded." It appears that the person at the door recognized Spazeboy and knew his name wasn't on the list, and thus barred him.

As for the subsequent scuffle, Steinfels cannot say for sure exactly what happened between the Lieberman staffer and Spazeboy. "I wasn't there," she admits. “But my understanding is that they are non-transferable tickets, and that's why he was turned away." Hmmm. Now we're gonna see what Spazeboy has to say about this.
Well, not so fast. What Marion didn't tell you is that the Lieberman staffer ripped the ticket right out of Spazeboy's hand while another staffer accused him of being a "known protestor."

Now, what Marion is selling is complete B.S. and what she is doing in political terms is called "damage control." Spazeboy is not a protestor, he's a blogger who is trying to cover one of the biggest campaigns in the country and what happened to him is nothing new as I received the same treatment recently and Marion and I had a little "discussion" because I was a tad pissed off.

The expulsion of anyone who is critical of Liebreman is nothing new to bloggers and is part of Lieberman's overall theme of shielding himself away from people who might ask him a tough question (this includes the general public). I'll dig into this topic later but quickly, in my year in a half of blogging about politics, the Lieberman team is the only campaign that has been outright hostile to bloggers. This attitude towards bloggers speaks volumes about Lieberman as throughout his entire campaign, the senator has done everything in his power to shield himself from people who might ask a tough question and/or critical of him( i.e. not making his event information public, accusing bloggers of being protestors, barring bloggers from all events).