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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lieberman ready to sink to new low

Ah, I guess Lieberman is going to use some of the negative themes he tested on people during his "push-polling" crusade.

The Hartford Courant's Kevin F. Rennie tells the Hotline that before he announced Monday that he would seek a spot on the CT ballot as an independent, Sen. Joe Lieberman conducted extensive polling on his independent bid and his Democratic primary tormentor, Ned Lamont.

According to Rennie, "Lieberman asked voters how they would react to his seeking a spot on the ballot if he loses the August 8th Democratic primary. He also tested some themes, his campaign confirmed, [aimed] at kicking the stuffing out of Lamont. Lieberman, who has been looking smaller and smaller in this race, is apparently hoping to score points with an inventory of millionaire Lamont’s motor vehicles. He asked voters if they would be less likely to vote for Lamont if they knew he started driving a hybrid vehicle when he decided to run for the Senate."

"Though Lieberman insists he wants to talk about big issues in his primary battle, the public should gird itself for an ugly month."

Real class from a three term senator...we're all waiting for Joe to talk about the issues.