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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Kiss and the Boom Box parade

I'll do a full report on today's wonderful "Boom Box" parade later...for now, I just want to talk about that incredible "The Kiss" float. All I can say is "wow" because the float was a huge success with everyone at the parade (which couldn't of made DinoBoy and his Lieberyouth too happy). I swear thought I was at a rock concert with all the people cheering as the float made it's way down the street. I never saw Keith so happy than today as he tossed his infamous "The Kiss" buttons to everyone.

Many bloggers including Spazeboy, Maura, BrandfordBoy, Sufi, TrueBlueCT, Larkspur, and Jane "Speed Racer" Hamsher of Firedoglake made their way to Willimantic to show their support and walk along side the popular float. It seemed like everyone from the media was there also so I'm sure you'll be able to catch more highlights from today on the news (but you can get the unfiltered version of today's event, including my interview with the creator of the float, right here).
Here are a few photos of the float in action.

Spazeboy and Keith striking a pose.

That is one happy man!


I guess the Lieberyouth didn't like the float. I guess they learned from the last time I took a photo of them...

...don't worry Lieberyouth, I have plenty of goofy pictures of you guys already. Thanks for all the memories!

Maura expresses her true feelings about Joe.

Joe, you really need to pick up your crap.

In Joe's world, Plan B is only good for him.

Here some video highlights of "The Kiss" float booming down the street.

Truly, today's parade was a wonderful time and worth the travel.

Luckily, I managed to get an interview with the creator of the float who goes by the name "dad" on My left Nutmeg. Lets just say that dad had some choice words for George Bush's favorite "cut and run" Democrat.