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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Joe gets grilled in the press...again

Okay, I feel like crap and I just don't have the energy to do my report on Ned at today's parade. It will just take too much effort to edit the video and upload everything so I'm going to put it off till tomorrow morning.

Again, I'm sorry but the heat took a toll on me today and I need to go to bed.

Before I pass out, it seems like George Bush's favorite "cut and run" Democrat got grilled again in the press. You see, people are REALLY pissed off at Lieberman now and I bet you over the next few days, you'll hear people speaking out against Mr. Independent Democrat.

I think this article is the tip of the iceberg for arrogant Joe.

The more I think about it, the more I am stunned by Joe Lieberman's announcement yesterday that he will petition to get on the ballot as an independent candidate for re-election to the Senate.

He will do this as a fail-safe, he says -- just in case he loses the Democratic primary to challenger Ned Lamont on Aug 8.


But there is something untoward -- something both cynical and sad -- about Joe Lieberman's insistence that he will hang on to his office no matter what.

For SOMETIMES politics is about more than office.

Sometimes politics is more than a game.

This nation has been though a number of great tests and trials. One set of tests has been about race and civil rights. The other has been about war and peace.

When we are talking about war, more is at stake than political careers.

This is not a politics-as-usual year.

We need to have a national debate in 2006.

We need the possibility of political change.

And for that we need political choice.

Ned Lamont is part of the choice and potential change.

To end the war and reverse Bush foreign and constitutional policy, we need not only a new Congress but a different sort of Congress.

Joe Lieberman's response is: "I like it here."

He doesn't even understand the conversation.


Democratic primary voters in this state hate the war. They want to vote for something else. They want choice and change.

Joe Lieberman and his party are at odds.

So how does Joe deal with that?

Well, his operatives say these Democrats are radical and extreme. And Joe says Democratic primary voters are not the majority of the state. He says, "I'm asking Democrats ... to consider my total record."


But we can't forget the war. The war is the issue.

Kids are dying for a mistake. Good soldiers are perishing for hubris. Our best young men and women have been abandoned by their government -- left to fight in Iraq without a way to win.

The war must define the Democratic Party this year because the Democratic Party is the alternative to the president.

Yesterday Lieberman said he was arranging to run as an independent because "I know there are no guarantees in elections." But running both inside and outside the party guarantees him a place on the ballot. And, many believe, re-election.

Who in life gets such guarantees?

Certainly not the soldiers on the ground in Iraq.

So Joe Lieberman, who sought to lead his party nationally, will not necessarily support the Democratic nominee for the Senate in Connecticut unless it is himself.

And Lamont? He says he WILL support the nominee, even if it is Joe.

But maybe what he ought to say is: I will petition for a place on the November ballot too. For Lamont's whole campaign is based on the premise that the war is the issue that rises above all others and unites all others this year. And why should the voters have to choose between two pro-war candidates in November?

Sometimes politics is more than a game.