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Thursday, July 27, 2006

JOEMENTUM hits the road

Wow, after ignoring the public, desperate Joe Lieberman is pulling out his "bus tour" trick.

I guess he didn't learn the last time he pulled this stunt that it was a bomb.

Team Joementum's schedule for Friday

10:00AM Pre-tour Press Conference
Lieberman Campaign Headquarters
1800 Silas Dean Highway
Rocky Hill, CT

11:00AM Stop at Lieberman Headquarters
3 Colony Street
Followed by walk down Main Street to the YMCA

12:15 PM Nardelli's Grinder Shop
87 Maple Street

1:15 PM Sweets and Eats
60 North Main Street

2:00 PM Massimino's Pizza
70 Main Street

4:00 PM Stop and Shop
259 Bull Hill Lane

5:00 PM "Bar"
254 Crown Street
New Haven
We'll let you know if Lieberman's camp makes any sudden changes in their schedule. Since Joe won't release his schedule to the public in advance, we'll do it for him.

Mr. DINO refuses to talk to "those pesky bloggers" and bullies the press so go out and give George Bush's favorite Democrat a piece of your mind and get him to talk abou the issues.

Remember, you have the power. Hold Lieberman accountable and force him to answer your questions.