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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mystery State Rep who answered the simple question revealed

Probably the proudest Democrat in Connecticut answers the simple question!
I write to request that you please add my name to your list of elected officials who will support the winners of the August Democratic primaries.

As a registered Dem, I have always supported the person who prevails in the primary. And I will certainly be glad to do so again this year. (I am deeply disappointed that U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman is not taking the same approach; his failure to do so undermines our party's democratic process.)

Thank you very much for setting up this list - it's a real public service that you're performing, and I appreciate it.


Andy Fleischmann

State Representative, 18th District, West Hartford
The citizens of West Hartford should be proud to have a State Rep. like Fleischmann representing them. I've always admired his leadership abilities and his stance on issues such as the Iraq War and women's rights. Hell, there were delegates at the Democratic State Convention who wanted to nominate Rep. Fleischmann for governor before he declined the offer.

A proud Democrat and a class act indeed.

If you never heard of Rep. Fleischmann before, I have a treat for you. Here's the TRUE Democrat expesssing his feelings regarding the Iraq war at the massive anti-war rally in Hartford eariler this year.

UPDATE: Please email Rep. Fleischmann at the Capitol and thank him for being a proud and dedicated Democrat. He almost makes me want to pack up my family and move to West Hartford.