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Friday, June 30, 2006

Slowing things down a bit

Well, it's the holiday weekend which means politicians are running out of their offices for the big weekend (I feel sorry for anyone who has to work on Monday).

I'll be out and about on Joementum watch and checking to see if DinoBoy and his wacky crew pop up anywhere in the state.

I'll be posting less over the next few days. I'm looking to make some improvements on this blog (cleaning up the CSS code is long overdue) but never fear, I'll going to post some of the best video clips I have in my archive. Some of the footage I have was never posted on this blog before so it should be a treat to watch.

Starting things off is a videoclip from my man CTBob. This is one of the best Lamont videos I've seen and if you're a Jimmy Stewart fan, you're going to enjoy it.

NOTE: After you watch this clip, shut off your computer and GO OUTSIDE, it's almost happy hour for crying out loud!