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Friday, June 30, 2006

Put the pressure on Rep. John Larson

At this point, Rep. John Larson needs to answer the simple question.

From today's Hartford Courant, here's Rep. Larson commenting on Joe Lieberman.
This is someone who's been state Senate majority leader, the prototype of a people's attorney general, a senator for 18 years and the popularly elected vice presidential candidate," said Rep. John B. Larson, D-1st District. "And the Democratic Party tent somehow isn't big enough for him?"

This has nothing to do with the tent of the Democratic Party, it has to do with a senator who won't respect the will of the voters who are voting in the primary. And yes, the tent isn't big enough for Lieberman if all he's doing is looking at the poll numbers and jumping ship because he has a better chance in winning as opposed to letting the Democratic voters decide his fate in August.

What ever happened to the respecting the will of the Party? Why would anyone support a Democrat who wouldn't support the Democratic nominee?

I need your help!

Contact Rep. Larson to answer my question before the end of the day. Call or email his office and lets get him on record. His quote in today's Courant is completely unacceptable.

Rep John Larson:
Website: http://www.house.gov/larson/
Phone (CT): (860) 278-8888
Phone (D.C): (202) 225-2265 (call this one first)

Get on the phone and ask him my simple question.

"Will you support the Democratic nominee for Senate"

As Democrats, we have a right to know where he stands on this issue.

A simple question deserves a simple answer.

UPDATE: A loyal reader gave Rep. Larson's office a call and filed this report.
I called Larson's DC office...

I told them that I had read today's Courant and was very disappointed in John. First I mentioned Joe's Republican approval ratings v. his D numbers. Then I stated that this wasn't a purge, but that Joe had earned his primary...

I next expressed my hope that Larson wasn't encouraging an Independent bid by Joe, and that if it happened we'd be kissing our three Congressional challenges good-bye.

Finally I told the nice young man that I expected better of Congressman Larson, whom I've always liked.