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Friday, June 30, 2006

Wingnut show bites the dust

Let me tell you a tale of a former FOX News liar and karma...

1. Dan Abrams' show gets knocked out of it's time slot for wingnut Rita Crosby's awful show, "Live and Direct".

2. Dam Abrams becomes general manager of MSNBC

3. Rita gets the axe.
MSNBC personality Rita Cosby yesterday went from the floodwaters of Pennsylvania into the fire of 30 Rock.

After a grueling nine-hour meeting involving Cosby, her agent and top NBC News and MSNBC execs, the third-rated cable news network announced that her weeknight show, "Rita Cosby: Live & Direct," will be canceled in early July.

Instead she'll be the "primary anchor" of "MSNBC Investigates," a taped documentary program that will air at 10 and 11 p.m. She'll also lead a "Rita Cosby Specials" documentary unit, according to an MSNBC press release.


The meeting involved Capus, NBC News senior vice president Phil Griffin, MSNBC general manager Dan Abrams and Cosby's agent, Larry Kramer.

"I'm thrilled," Cosby told me as she traveled to last night's surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, Tomaczek Bednarek.
I'm thrilled that we won't have to see her on air until at least late July-early August (if she makes it that long).
But I hear that many of the yet-to-air "MSNBC Investigates" tapes are already in the can, and that Cosby might not be on the air for a week or more after her program ends.


As for Cosby's situation, it looked better at the end of the meeting - which lasted until 6 p.m. - than it did at the beginning.
Now that's the way you start a Friday...a true Democrat stepping up to the plate and answering the simple question and former a FOX News lying talking head finally getting the axe she deserved.

Set off the fireworks!