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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Public policy professor explains why Lieberman is in serious trouble

You have to love good college professors. They have this ability to break complex things down in a way that you clearly understand.

Case in point, this morning on WVIT's Connecticut Newsmakers, Professor Kenneth Dautrich of the Department of Public Policy at the University of Connecticut explains why Joe Lieberman is in the fight of his life and why Ned Lamont has a real chance in beating President Bush's favorite Democrat in the primary.

You see, hard-core Democrats in Connecticut really don't like Lieberman but unfortunately, he never had to face a real challenge to his senate seat...not until now.

At first Ned Lamont was a unknown, a person who seemed to come out of nowhere. Hell, I shook my head in disbelief when I first heard his name. I can remember saying to myself "who the f- is a Ned Lamont" and "we're going to be screwed with Lieberman in the senate for another six years" but, a little voice in my head said "hey, Weicker is giving this guy the thumbs up so give this guy a chance before writing him off. I jumped in my car and saw Ned speak in New Haven and after seeing and hearing him only one time, not only was I sold, I've been following his campaign as he traveled across the state ever since. Now, it took some time but now people were getting the message that this guy is the real deal and actually has a chance against DINO Joe.

Now, no one (except for Joe campaign who were high-balling the numbers) expected Ned Lamont to receive such a high percentage of the delegate vote at the state convention. When Ned received over 30 percent of the delegte vote, people across the state and nation took notice and his campaign REALLY took off which brings up to where we are today.

Now back to the professor. When you add that the majority of people who come out to vote in the primary are your hard-core Democrats, you begin to see understand why one should take Ned Lamont's campaign seriously as Professor Dautrich explains in this following video clip.

Joe, I'm hope your taking notes as there will be an exam in August made just for you.