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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lieberman does not fail to disappoint

What do you want me to say about Joe Lieberman opening the debate for the Republicans against both Democratic proposals on how to proceed in Iraq?

At this point, are you surprised? Well, I'm not and basically Lieberman has no choice but to stick his ground because like his Republican colleagues, he has no plan to offer besides the "stay the course" nonsense which has contributed to the countless deaths of young Americans who are being blown up by IEDs.

Hasn't Connecticut had enough of Joe? Don't we deserve better leadership during these times? How much more of "stab in the back" Joe do you need to see until you get the message that Lieberman is not only bad for Democrats in Connecticut, but bad for the nation as he does not work for the good of the Democratic Party as a whole.

Having a difference of opinion is one thing but, Joe Lieberman undermines the Democratic Party and chance he gets and his performance last night was no exception.

David Lightman from the Hartford Courant weighs in on Joementum's grandstanding last night. Spazeboy gives his two cents and recorded Joe in action.

Personally, I've had enough of Lieberman, the lies and smears from his pathetic campaign, and the shame he brings to the Democratic Party.

August can't come soon enough.