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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Why do I feel like I viewing the Rowland hearings. The Republicans are up to their old tricks again delaying the inquiry into the now infamous Marco Polo fundraiser. In case you need a memory refresher...
The legislature's government administration and elections committee is reviewing how a state watchdog agency settled a complaint that 16 Rell appointees violated a state law barring them from soliciting campaign contributions.

Thirteen commissioners and three deputies distributed invitations handed them by Rell's chief of staff, M. Lisa Moody. The Rell campaign returned the contributions raised at the Dec. 7 fundraiser, and the 16 appointees each paid a $500 fine without admitting guilt.

The committee's co-chairman, Rep. Christopher L. Caruso, D-Bridgeport, and acting co-chairman, Sen. Edward Meyer, D-Guilford, say they want to know why the State Elections Enforcement Commission first shared a confidential proposed settlement with Rell's campaign manager, Kevin Deneen.
The public has a right to know what happened as it sounds like shady business as usual for the Rell/Rowland administration and the Republicans are doing the same thing they did during the Rowaland scandal...delay, delay, delay.

I thought these days of political corruption and dirty partisan tricks in Connecticut was a thing of the pass.