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Monday, May 08, 2006

Colin McEnroe gives the smackdown to Lieberman

Oh, check out this gem of a quote from Colin "Lieberman puts me to sleep" McEnroe. I think it's fair to say that Joe isn't inviting Colin over for dinner any time soon.
Colin McEnroe, a popular radio host who has tangled with Lieberman, said the other day: "I've known Joe since I was 14. You'd probably need a psychologist to address this, but I think Joe has had an emotional merging with the Bush administration. There's a sense here that he has drunk the Kool-Aid.

"He has completely refused to back away from the prewar fabrications about [mass weaponry], the 'ties' between Hussein and 9/11, the torture at Abu Grhaib... . His idea of bipartisanship on the war is for Democrats to shut up. It's his level of fervent commitment that troubles a lot of people."
Oh, that's good!