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Friday, May 05, 2006

Feel the hate

Here's a small video clip of members of the Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control (CTCIC) and U.S. Citizens for Immigration Law Enforcement (USCILE). Watch as these insane people display their racist hatred up and down the street of Danbury at the Immigration march Sunday. Pay close attention to some of the jerks in this group who tried to hide their face once they knew they were being videotaped (cowards). Also, you'll love Uncle Sam as he takes the xenophobe award for being the biggest jackass as you'll see at the end of the clip (note: he's also a board member of USCILE as well as a local television talk show host...don't worry, I'll get into that at a later time).

I didn't post the scenes of these jerks cursing at people in the march (which included children) simply because it's too disgusting but I think you'll get the tone of these people once you see the clip.

I'm finishing up on a full report of this incredible march and I'll have it ready very soon.

Remember these things:

1. These people DO NOT represent the views and opinions of a majority of people who LIVE in Danbury and most of the people in the group ARE NOT from Danbury (including Uncle Sam who lives in Bethel). Most people I speak to in Danbury wish that these jerks would just go away.

2. These are the same sick wackos that Nancy "Rubber Stamp" Johnson met with less than two weeks ago (becoming the FIRST politician in Connecticut who ever met with this racist hate-group...shame).

3. You can thank Mayor Mark Boughton for creating an environment in which racist hate groups like the CTCIC and the USCILE can thrive and bring shame to a wonderful city.