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Friday, May 12, 2006

Nancy Johnson receives a big check

(cross posting from Hat City Blog)

Nancy Johnson received some visitors at her Danbury office yesterday.

Voters from the 5th district came to Nancy Johnson's office on Main Street yesterday afternoon to express their opposition to the Medicare Plan D and also handed her a really generous check.

Wow, that was really nice of them to give Johnson a check…well, not really.

You see, Johnson is the number one House recipient of campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry and the check they brought with them represents the amount of money she received from drug companies.

Now, lets go back into the time machine and learn why this is really bad for seniors.

The MediScare Plan D for those that do not know was a crappy piece of legislation which was pushed and written by the Pharmaceutical Drug and Insurance industries. They paid out millions to congresspeople and wrote the legislation which Tom Delay and other Republicans then rammed through the House by keeping the vote open (in violation of House laws), bribing other politicians on the House floor and lying about the costNot coincidentally a few people who worked on the legislation, such as Billy Tauzin, Republican of Louisiana, got lucrative jobs working for the same industry that benefited the most from the MediScare Plan D. Some key negative features of the plan include the infamous donut hole where seniors will have to pay 100% of all the costs between $2250 and $5100 and the fact that negotiating with the drug manufacturers is prohibited. Also, the deadline for signing up is Monday. After that, seniors will be paying a fine.
Seniors paying a fine? Doesn’t sound very American to screw seniors does it? Thankfully, these people came to Johnson's office and gave her a piece of their mind. Unfortunately, Johnson's office was closed (how ironic).

Enjoy the show!