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Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day highlights: Danbury

This is a cross posting from Hat City Blog. I'll post highlights from the parade in Waterbury at a later time as I'm still working on the video footage

What a beautiful day for a parade. I was on the scene today at the Memorial Day parade on Main Street and lets just say that it was something to remember. I must of lost ten pounds from all the running up and down Main Street taking photos but I think you'll agree after viewing my pictures and video (compared to what The Danbury News-Times had to offer) that all my running around the city was well worth it.

Video highlights and photographs

Here are some video highlights from today's parade.
(Warning: this file is HUGE so if the video play choppy, press pause and give your computer a couple of minutes to download a portion of the file. If you're not using a high speed connection, don't even waste your time).

Here are a sample of my photos from today's parade.
(click on any sample image to enlarge)

You can view all of my photos from today by clicking here. If anyone was in the parade and wants a copy of my photos, email me the picture filename (located on the top of the page next to the page buttons) and I'll send you a hi-res image.