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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Windsor DTC endorse Lamont

Wow, this is big news!
The Windsor Democratic Town Committee voted narrowly tonight to endorse Ned Lamont for US Senate. This vote recommends to the state convention delegates that they support Lamont also. Convention delegate votes cannot be compelled. The Lamont resolution won on a 16-14 vote after spirited and thoughtful discussion, which mostly centered on the Iraq war. No one who spoke, even if they were for Lieberman, endorsed Lieberman's position on the war. However, the argument of Lieberman supporters centered on his ability to deliver on other issues, his tenure in the Senate, and his supposed deciding role keeping the Groton sub base open.


I continue to be amazed that an 18 year incumbent has such shallow support in the party organization. Previously, Windsor delegates received phone calls from a Lieberman paid-phone bank inquiring about support. A PAID PHONE BANK! No volunteers? Whatever campaign Joe mounts will be whatever his money can buy. And isn't that part of the point? Just another mercenary politician who has lost touch with his political base. If there is to be a primary in August, it will be people against money.