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Saturday, April 15, 2006

FEC numbers

Genghis at Connecticut Local Politics gives the run-down on the candidates fundraising numbers.
Lamont (D): $712,611 ($371,500 from candidate's own funds)
Lieberman (D): $947,356

DeStefano (D): $415,000
Malloy (D): $570,000
Rell (R): $900,000(est.)

2nd CD:
Courtney (D): $274,688
Simmons (R): 222,500 (est.)

4th CD:
Farrell (D): $514,595
Shays (R): $372,000

5th CD:
Murphy (D): $335,000 (est.)
Johnson (R): $436,373.90
The Associated Press reports on the latest numbers while focusing on the Lamont campaign.
U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman's Democratic challenger, Ned Lamont, raised over $700,000 during the first three months of the year, but more than half of it was donated by the candidate himself.

"It's a contribution," said Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan. "Ned felt we needed to help level the playing field to kick off the campaign. He believes his money was a good down payment."

In addition to the $371,500 Lamont gave himself, the candidate raised $341,111 from more than 4,300 donors during the first three months of this year, Swan said. That leaves him with $375,916 cash on hand. Lamont's account balance is just slightly more than the money he gave to his own campaign.

"We raised enough money from enough people to show we're going to be very competitive in August," said Swan, making reference to the Aug. 8 primary. "We're very pleased."


Lieberman raised $947,356 during the first quarter, pushing his campaign warchest to more than $4.7 million.

"I'm grateful for this incredibly strong show of support at every level, especially from the many people who took the time to write small checks," Lieberman said in a written statement.

Lieberman has received 24,000 contributions for this election cycle, which began in December 2000, his campaign said. About 80 percent of those donors gave $200 or less.
What does this all mean? Those who believe in Ned Lamont will tell you that Ned will win this election because of Ned, not because of how much money he has on hand. CTKeith from DumpJoe.com best illustrates the admiration Lamont supporters have for the Grenwich millionare who teaches kids at a inner city school in Bridgeport.
We fell for a guy without the malice that many of us feel toward Lieberman.

We fell for the guy who taught poor kids in Bridgeport way before he ever thought of running for any political post.

We fell for the guy who says with conviction that Healthcare is a right.

We fell for the guy who will shake all hands and take all questions and questioners seriously.

We fell for the guy who is humble in front of all audiences.


We fell for the guy who we know is telling the truth when he talks about those "dinner time political talks at his families dinner table".

I was very skeptical when Ned Lamont first announced. I thought Lowell Weickers Name recognition, experiene and his courage made him a better choice and thought we could indeed get him to run as a Democrat. I was fearful that starting from scratch with a "millionaire From Greenwich" would be a disaster but BOY WAS I WRONG.

I've been to more Lamont events than most and I can tell you Ned has a gift. A gift that allows him to enter a room of people hoping for something special and to deliver it. Those who have seen and heard Ned in person automatically know he's a serious contender and a serious threat to our Jr. Senator and that's Ned and his supporters biggest asset.
Well said Keith.