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Friday, April 14, 2006

Rally permit denied in Danbury

The city of Danbury does the right thing.
Organizers of a rally promoting religious rights must find a new location after Danbury officials pulled their permit Thursday to hold the event on public property downtown.

City officials asked members of Minutemen United, an Ohio-based Christian organization, to relocate their rally from the Danbury Green after The News-Times reported that a neo-Nazi group called the Grey Wolves plans to attend the event, which is scheduled for Tuesday.

The city has the right to deny permits for safety reasons.

"We asked the (religious) organization to locate the event to a private property so they can regulate who can attend," said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

Members of Minutemen United, which is not affiliated with the neo-Nazi group, are worried that the Grey Wolves might derail their plans for a solemn event, but they still plan to hold the rally.

As of Thursday night, the Minutemen United group had not found another site for the rally.
This was a smart move by the city and Mayor Boughton. One look at this email from a member of the Neo-nazi group to the News-Times and you could tell that these wackos were up to no good.
"I am the local spokesman for this society. We are not some super large Kabal! We have approximately 200 people in three states that are active members. We dress in black pants, black boots, red sox with black jackets with the swastika branded in the back. We just want to show our solidarity with the churches who are sponsoring this activity. I personally am not looking for any confrontations, but if we are provoked we will react very strongly!"
Stevie Wonder could see that this rally would only lead to trouble so the city had every right to pull the permit for safety reasons.