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Friday, April 14, 2006

Lamont does Middlefield

The Ned Lamont express made a stop in Middlefield on Tuesday as the man who is challenging Joe Lieberman came talked to the town's Democratic Town Committee and answered numerius questions from those who attended.
Ned Lamont, a cheery former Greenwich selectman, stopped in as part of a state-wide tour he's been on since entering the race last month. Lamont had no reservations about detailing his progressive viewpoints on several issues. The first question came from Mary Beth Johnson, who asked if he would support senator Russ Feingold's (D-Wisconsin) resolution to censure the president for his warrantless wiretapping program. Without missing a beat, Lamont responded "I would absolutely support the censure resolution. Everyone seems to be in agreement that the President broke the law, but they just don't want to punish him."
According to those who attended the event, Lamont impressed many people and might of won a few delegate votes.
Lamont seemed to already have support among those who had come to see him speak. "Joe Lieberman has changed," Clay Howe of Durham commented, "He is no longer the Joe Lieberman who once represented New Haven." The primary will be held in August, and Lamont's campaign has been slowing drawing national attention. Just that day rumors were flying that Lieberman would enter the Senate race as an independent if he were to lose the primary.

If you want to see the man in action, check out the campaign's website for details on where Ned will be in the upcoming weeks.