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Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patty's Day

Oh, I can't stand Blogger. The blogging service was down for most of the morning so I couldn't post and I'm off to report on the St. Patrick's Day celebration in Danbury for my other blog.

What a day! March maddness on a Friday Night AND it's St. Partick's Day. Things could get ugly.

Hope to see many of my readers at the Anti-War rally in Hartford this Sunday. I'll try to do some live blogging from the event but Blogger has been acting wierd for the last couple of days so I can't promise anything.

Oh, Lieberman really got under my skin with his smearing of Lamont. Calling him a one-issue candidate is right out of the playbook of Karl Rove and since I videotaped a number of Lamont appearences (including all of his Q&A sessions), I think it's only fair to show Lieberman just how "one-issue" driven Lamont really is.