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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Whaa, whaa, whaa...Ned's not being fair...whaa, whaa, whaa

Cry baby.
U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman took issue Thursday with the tone of his Democratic opponent's campaign.

Ned Lamont formally announced Monday that he will oppose Lieberman for the party's nomination, becoming Lieberman's first Democratic challenger since he first won election to the Senate in 1988.


Lamont has blasted Lieberman for his support of the Iraq war, calling him, "Republican Light." During his kickoff speech said that unlike the senator, he would never be called, "Bush's favorite Democrat."

"This shouldn't be about one issue or about name calling ... angry name calling," Lieberman told the Associated Press Thursday. "I don't think the public wants that."
How would Lieberman know what the voters of Connecticut want? His own campaign manager admitted that Joe's out of touch with Connecticut voters.

The notion that Lamont is an "angry, one issue" candidate is almost laughable (taking a page out of Karl Rove's dirty book won't work in Connecticut Joe, this isn't a red state). Lamont debunk Joe's silly notion quite quickly in the article.
Lamont denies he is being negative, noting he spent a lot of time talking about issues such as education and health care in his announcement speech.

"I called it an old-fashioned kitchen table debate within the Democratic family," the Greenwich, Conn. businessman said. "I thought it was a great kickoff."

Lieberman said he especially takes exception to Lamont's claims that he is out of touch with his party.

"I know there are a lot of people in the state who are passionately against the position I've taken on Iraq," Lieberman said. "I listen to them all the time. We talk. We generally don't convince each other to change the positions we came in with. The dialogue is important."
You talk to people in the state? The Southbury DTC and the Torrington DFA are still waiting for you to make an appearance Joe...I'm sure you got the message.
Lamont said he is taking aim at Lieberman's pro-war views, in part, because the senator has made it such a high-profile issue.

"To some degree, I've found the senator over the last few years to be all-Iraq all-the-time," said Lamont. "That's the issue that he is most closely identified with."

So Joe can dish out the criticism to his fellow Democrats for all these years but whines to the Courant about Lamont.

Sounds like someone is scared. Lamont just announced that he was running Monday and Lieberman is crying like a scared baby.

Sweet! I can just picture Ned smiling about how scared Lieberman is right now.