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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Great text adventure game

I just had to share this with everyone. It's alittle text game (for those too young to understand what I'm talking about, click here) staring our favorite senator.
It is dark.

>>Light light.

The light is already on. It is dark.

>>Light light.

The light is already on. It is dark. You hear the sound of a door opening.

>>Light light.

The light is already on. It is dark. A voice says "Try to relax."

>> Tell voice "I am blind."

"I am blind."

The voice responds "Your eyes are swollen shut because of the bruises. Do you remember what happened?"

>>Ask voice "What happened?"

"What happened?"

The voice responds "I am sorry to inform you that you were raped and severely beaten. My name is Dr. Lieberman."

>> Ask Dr. Lieberman "Did I receive emergency contraception?"

Dr. Lieberman responds "This hospital does not provide that because of principled reasons. As long as you do something for what you call "principled reasons" you can do anything you want. Fortunately, you live in Connecticut so another hospital is probably a short ride away. I assume, anyway. Ta-ta.

>> Open eyes.

You manage to open your eyes a little bit. It hurts. You are in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown.

>> Get purse.

There is no purse in this room.

>> Get wallet.

There is no wallet in this room.

>> Get money.

There is no money in this room.

>> Stand up.

You stand up in the hospital room.

>> Get clothes.

You are wearing your hospital gown. There are no other clothes in this room.

>> Exit hospital.

You exit the hospital wearing your hospital gown. It is snowing.