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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Anti-Immigrant rally in Danbury was a joke

Well, I guess I got to see yet another silly publicity stunt done by the Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control (CTCIC) that places yet another black eye on the city of Danbury.


The only thing worth mentioning about this silly rally (in which no one really showed up besides counter-demonstrators and the press) was the weather (oh my, it was cold). Don't let no anyone tell you otherwise, this was nothing more than yet another publicity stunt by our favorite little hate-group. I estimate there was about 50 anti-immigrant CTCIC members (at best) versus 80-90 pro-immigrant supporters which is about right since the couter-protesters have always outnumber these CTCIC loonies.

All this rally was about was the usual silly CTCIC crew waving their American flags, yelling "U.S.A" and posing for any camera that pointed in their direction for maximum exposure. Few motorists acknowledged them by honking their horns and most cars just passed by and ignored them. Most of the people I talked to on the street just wanted these idiots to hurry up and leave and I didn't see or talk to anyone who supported the CTCIC (believe me, I walked all around the area and as you can see by the video, unlike the pro-immigrant people who their fair share of supporters, the CTCIC were pretty much by themselves on the street corner.

Now I'm sure the CTCIC are going to say that this rally was a success but I can't see how it was. What did it accomplish...nothing but a reason for reporters to get up early and walk around in the cold saying "now what am I going to write about?" The CTCIC loonies even cut their so-called rally short by about a half an hour to the applause of the counter-demonstrators who sang them a nice song as they packed up and walked away (check the end of the video and see as even the cops even get a chuckle over the song).

Well, I'm also sure that the press is going to make much out of nothing tomorrow but as a person who was there (and unlike most CTCIC members, lives in Danbury) I can tell you that most people I talked to are just disgusted with the CTCIC and would prefer them to leave.

I'll say it again, THERE WERE FEW PEOPLE SUPPORTING THE CTCIC! Look at the video if you think I'm wrong. I was there at 7:45 till the end and at most, the CTCIC got a handful of motorists (maybe 20) to honk their horns in support...that's it. NO new membership, NO people from the area coming down and thanking the CTCIC for all they did...nothing. On the other hand, the pro-immigrant group not only outnumbered the CTCIC, they had decent amount of support from people on the street and even led a small march down Main Street (I was only able to get the end of it on video).

I'll add to this post later as things are very busy right now but I thought it would be important to show everyone the video from the event so when you read this in the paper, you'll know which papers blew the so-called event out of proportion.

You can view the video by clicking here. I'll post a hi-resolution version video later.