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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Democrats turn up the heat on Newton

Looks like the noose is beginning to tighten around Sen Ernest Newton's neck as the Democrats step up their criticism this week.

Lt Gov. Kevin Sullivan reportedly said he advised Newton to either publicly proclaim his innocence in the bribery scandal or resign .

From the Connecticut Post

Earlier, Lt. Gov. Kevin B. Sullivan said he spoke with Newton and asked him to definitively address the bribery and corruption allegations that have put Newton at the center of a federal grand jury probe.

"I strongly reaffirmed my advice that he act immediately either to disprove the allegations of corruption and campaign finance violations or accept responsibility rather than drag out a situation that can otherwise only get worse for him, his family, his constituents and the public trust," Sullivan said.

His comments follow Republican criticism suggesting that Democrats, who were quick to demand the resignation of Gov. John G. Rowland last year, kept mum as corruption allegations erupted around Newton.

Sullivan, a Democrat, also lashed out at GOP lawmakers "who have attempted to make this a partisan issue in the crudest and clumsiest of ways.

"I take no joy in this, as I took no joy in calling for the resignation of John Rowland after he admitted to lying and corrupt acts," he said.

House Speaker James A. Amann agreed with Sullivan and repeated calls for Newton to explain himself or resign.

"If he believes he's innocent he should come up and say it in whatever form," said Amann, who said Newton has consistently maintained his innocence in their private conversations.

"Only Ernie knows what he did, and if he committed wrong he has to be a man and look at himself in the mirror and admit that," Amann said.

It's good that the leaders in the Democratic party coming out and asking for Newton to either comes forward and either explain himself or resign as it shows that they're taking this case seriously.

As each day goes by, we learn more about the shady activities of Newton and from what we learned so far, none of it looks good for him. At this point, Newton is clearly a liability for the Democrats and if he's too scared to make a public statement, then what's the use in standing behind him.

As I stated before, the Newton scandal has the potential to be a huge problem for the Democrats and that's the last thing they need right now as the election season gets underway therefore, it would be in the best interest of the Democratic party that Newton steps down before this scandal drags on in the press and gets out of control.