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Monday, August 15, 2005

Blumenthal indecision causes tension

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's delay in deciding whether or not he'll run for governor is beginning to stress his supporters.

From the Greenwich Time
Democrat Richard Blumenthal's indecision over whether to run for governor is starting to test the patience of many of his potential supporters and even some of his opponents.

Call it the Blumen-stall factor.

"I think it would be helpful if Blumenthal made up his mind because it is hard on the other candidates," said Mary Sullivan, 86, a Riverside Democrat who is active in state and national politics.

"If he doesn't make up his mind and finally decides not to run, he will sort of weaken their potential," said Sullivan, who has not decided who she will support in next year's race. "I think it's harder for them to raise money. With somebody like that standing in the wings, I think it's harder for them to press a convincing campaign."

Blumenthal, 59, who was first elected attorney general in 1990 and whose name is perennially mentioned for the state's top office, said he is weighing his options.

"I do not have a deadline or a timetable, but it will be fairly soon," said Blumenthal, a longtime Greenwich resident and married father of four children. "The most important factors will be what's right for my family and where I can best serve the people of Connecticut and do the most good."