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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Was Newton alone?

As you well know, I've been on a rant about the activities of State Senator Ernest Newton and a question that I keep asking myself is who else knew Newtopn was up to no good. You would think that someone at the Captial knew what Newton was doing?

Look at this interesting quote from Roger Shelton, a person who testified giving Newton money in exchange for help with his organization, University Residential Facility, a group home for troubled youth.

Shelton said he gave Newton numerous checks, all made out to him personally. At the time, Newton was a state representative; he became a senator during a 2003 special election.

"I told them at times I gave Ernie money. He [Newton] was the only one with clout," Shelton said.

Shelton said federal prosecutors "raked me over the coals," and at one point, advised him to obtain a lawyer. He said he testified on two separate occasions.

During one appearance, Shelton said checks he wrote to Newton were pasted on a large board for all to see.

Again, who else at the Capital knew Newton was up to no good? HE couldn't of done this all alone could he?