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Thursday, August 18, 2005

CTNewsJunkie scoops everyone with a HUGE story

Wow, this is BIG news!

You gotta love those guys at CTNewsJunkie and now they just scooped everyone with this breaking story.

Seems like the Connecticut lawmakers violated a judge's order when they obtained the services of a lobbying firm that put pressure on the U.S. Department of the Interior to overturn a ruling that gave federal acknowledgement to the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation.

From CTNews Junkie

In fighting an Indian tribe’s recognition, Connecticut politicians apparently used a high powered lobbying firm as their proxy with officials in Washington D.C., even after a judge forbid them from talking to the feds, according to documents obtained by ctnewsjunkie.com.


Attorneys for the tribe have drawn a picture of a closely knit relationship among local and state elected officials, a citizens group called Town Action to Save Kent (TASK) and its high-powered Washington, D.C. lobbying firm Barbour, Griffith & Rogers (BGR). All of these groups worked together to coordinate efforts to rescind the Schaghticokes’ federal status, according to testimony and documents obtained during depositions conducted in July and included in a brief filed in U.S. District Court Aug. 16.

U.S. District Court Judge Peter Dorsey prohibited contact between the Interior Department and the Bureau of Indian Affairs and all parties involved in the Schaghticoke petition, including town and state officials, according to a court order issued in 2001 that was amended last year.

Nice scoop guys! You left the mainstream media asleep at the wheel!

We'll have to wait and see how this case develops now.